Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Bee

Okay, almost a month since the last post and I've been busier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Here's a quick update. The toe was broken, we stopped in Wichita on the way to Minnesota at a doc we used to go to there. He said just tape it, elevate and ice it and get some Nike Shox, which I was going to do anyway because they are what I wear for our walks and mine were worn out. I wore them to my niece's birthday party with a sundress, and then with my little black dress to Curtis' future parents-in-law 20th anniversary vow renewal ceremony, which I photographed. Here are my adorable children cutting up before the nuptials.

The next day was my son's 23rd birthday. Here is a picture of him and his fiancee and sis with their ASL teacher from Eden Prairie, a most entertaining and intelligent individual.

When we got home, Jess picked up this little number that she had acquired right before the trip. She has been a challenge to house train.

The biggest reason for not blogging is that we (as a home-based company) have had a large job, requiring many hours. We worked through the fourth of July, our silver wedding anniversary, and I worked several hours yesterday for my birthday. Kind of a drag except I invoiced the client today and realized it's all good.

Other than that, Jess went to a Cubs/Cardinals game over the fourth and got this amazing pic.

We also moved Jess into her apartment in Stillwater for the upcoming semester, got the patio finished and planted some tomatoes. Oh, and we got to see one of Jessica's friends star as Lt. Joe Cable in "South Pacific" at our local community theatre. He is majoring in musical theatre at Ball state and he is amazing.

Those are the tomatoes on the right, they are a little dry from the heat. The tree on the left has died. I am planning to put flowers in the planter by the window and some big pots with ferns on the patio. Maybe a small water feature. In my spare time.

Last, but certainly not least, last Sunday we went to Oklahoma City to celebrate hubby's Professional Engineering License certificate ceremony. He studied very hard (and we had a very questionable hotel stay the night before his first test) and we are really proud of him.

So that is what we have been doing while I have not been posting on the blog. Tonight, I am getting ready to go back to Minnesota. Hubby and I and six others are going to go to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on a canoeing/camping expedition. I am being very protective of my toe. And I will be sure to post when we get back next week.

Oh! I almost forgot my most amazing feat of all. I sucessfully separated Siamese squash. After which I sauteed them in olive oil . . . and we ate them. Is that wrong?

P.S. In a future post, I would like to highlight this amazing new product.