Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving Sucks

Hey, lookey, it's my one year anniversary since I've blogged. I really should have been blogging this whole time because this year has been crazy. Randy took a job in Norman, OK, 130 miles south of here, last September. He got a temporary apartment while I got the house ready to sell. Turns out we had a lot of stuff and we spent a few months getting rid of quite a bit of it. By then it was getting close to the holidays, and we didn't want to put the house on the market until after the holidays. Finally got it on the market mid-February.

All this time, Randy is working in Norman during the week and I'm in Enid. For awhile I was still doing my court abstracting also. So he would come home on weekends and I would go back down with him on Sunday afternoon, with a load of stuff, and spend a night or two.

Didn't have many lookers at the house, due to the housing market. We made offers on a couple of homes in Norman that didn't work out. Finally found a new home and made an offer on it. Three days before closing, Randy's boss told him that the company was not in good financial shape and they may be having to lay off people. He said this would not be a good time to have two house payments. So we backed out of that and bided our time. Meanwhile, Randy had been looking for jobs elsewhere. Long story short, we decided to stop looking for jobs anywhere USA and decide where we want to live, go there and then get jobs. We chose the Minneapolis area, mainly because that is where our son and daughter-in-law are, and that's also where Jess wants to go.

SO! Moved everything back from the apartment and storage unit in Norman. Jess had moved back here after she graduated college. Now we are in the process of packing and moving the last of it up to Minnesota. Storage units until we find a house. Staying with Randy's parents. Jess will stay with us until she gets a big girl job.

Moving is one of my least favorite things. We moved ourselves to Enid from Pond Creek, 25 miles. Up until then, we'd always had a company who paid to move us. This is brutal. We have so far a broken thumb (mine) and a hernia (his). But we are excited and optimistic. And now I will post some pictures and then go take a shower because, OMG, I can't believe how awful I smell after packing in this heat.

Jess got to drive behind this for twelve hours. Yeah, that was fun.

My daughter, my nephew, my grandog and the chaos that our house has become.

We are actually having quite a time with this. That's my hubby smiling and it's way too early to be drinking. BTW, we celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary yesterday. We are embarking on a new chapter of our lives. It's exciting.

And now I'm going to find some soap.