Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I went to a Board meeting today for Youth and Family, whose new shelter has been featured repeatedly on this blog. Right after we wrapped up the meeting, someone came in and yelled "Hey, they're tearing down the old building!" Which was something we'd been waiting for, and had been delayed a bit by crummy weather. But that has been our agency for thirty years. Despite the fact that the Christmas tree fell through the floor a few years ago, and parts of the kitchen had been condemned and we were putting band-aids on bleeding wounds . . . it was a refuge for thousands of children. We love our new building, but it was hard to watch the old one come down.

That used to be one of the girl's rooms.

So, the end of an era. We love the new, it's hard to see the old, no matter how decrepit, go.

On a lighter note, I was visiting with a couple of the Board members and got this story. Last week, we had a snowstorm. The weather, roads, and visibility were all crap. C was at a medical clinic and they asked her to go across the street to the hospital for a procedure, for which she would need an epidural. She said she'd walk and they advised her to drive . . .??? Anyway, she pulled out of the clinic, which is on a hill, slid, there was a car coming down and she couldn't stop, it honked, she hit the rear end of it. She got out, the other driver got out, and it was another Board member, J. They've been friends for years, so the first thing they did was hug. Damage to the vehicles was almost non-existent, so they got back in them and went about their business.

Meanwhile, C goes to the hospital and, in her words, "have my butt up in the air so they can figure out where to put the needle," and the woman administering the needle is telling the nurse how she just witnessed an accident outside and "they HUGGED!" So C, butt in the air, says "Yeah, that would be me." I have to say, we got a good cackle out of it.


Blogger Heather said...

I get all sentimental like that too. Even if I complained about something a million times, I'd still miss it when it was gone.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Mom Thumb said...

heather - Yeah, even if it's a pain in the butt, you get comfortable with it. That's probably why I wear jeans and sneakers until they fall apart.

4:49 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

At first I thought you said "...we got a good CRACKle out of it." Get it? butt... crack... nevermind.

Bittersweet is right. But it's good you're all settled into your new digs now too.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Mom Thumb said...

jeff - Good one, that would've been better.

Some employees of a firm here in town donated a 42" television in their CEO's name as his Christmas gift (the guy has a private jet, what are you gonna get him?), and it was so nice to see the kids in the shelter playing games on it. Where it was warm, and there was a blizzard outside. :-)

8:23 AM  
Anonymous lois said...

What a nice post!!! It gave me the warm fuzzy's! Merry Christmas, and I love you!!!

7:37 PM  
Blogger Mom Thumb said...

lois - Warm fuzzies are nice this time of year. We love you, too, and have a wonderful Christmas!

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Bill said...

Linda: Thank you for taking time to help others. A lot of people may not realize that you have taken the better part.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Mom Thumb said...

bill - You know, I once lived next door to this wonderful couple who did a lot to help others. If only I could remember their names . . . :-)

9:36 AM  
Blogger yellojkt said...

When they tear down a building, they really tear it down.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Mom Thumb said...

yellokjt - Yeah, you couldn't look away. And it was LOUD. Amazing how fast a forty year old building comes down.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Bill said...


11:46 AM  

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