Sunday, May 06, 2007


I'm going to haul out a couple of my peeves and pet them. I find myself longing for the days when phones looked like this and were connected to the wall. I want to go to the grocery, a restaurant, the mall, anywhere, really, and not have to hear some screaming band ringtone. Or any other ringtone, for that matter. Likewise, I am not interested in hearing your side of the conversation about someone who just had a colonoscopy. Listening to your side of a fight, complete with f-bombs, is not appealing either.

Our town hosts the Tri-State Music Festival every year about this time. Yesterday, I went to the mall just in time to see hundreds of teens get off activity buses and head to McDonald's, IHOP, and the food court. They were all either talking on the phone or texting on the phone. Some of them were dressed oddly.

Which brings me to my next item of peevishness. When did it become okay to wear your pajamas in public? I'm not talking about going out to get the newspaper in your robe, or running out to the back yard to hang something on the line first thing in the morning (which only takes 30 seconds unless there is a neighbor lurking about). I'm talking about going to restaurants and the mall and the grocery wearing the stuff you wore to bed. As far as I'm concerned, these are the only guys who get to wear pjs outside of the home. During an extended cold spell several months ago, I went to the mall. I was cruising through the food court and saw a woman in line waiting for a hot dog. She had on plaid flannel pajama pants, a tank top, a coat and flip flops. I rounded the corner to encounter a teen girl wearing plaid flannel pajama pants, a tank top, no coat, and pink fluffy slippers. And oh, yeah, she was talking on her cell phone. Sigh.


Anonymous Di said...

I agree! However, I am guilty of talking on my cell phone alot, because some days Mandy feel a need to call me every 30 minutes! I am not complaining, though. It is better than never hearing from her, but it can get really annoying at times! And the pj thing is a pet peeve of mine as well. I am not even very comfortable running uptown to the grocery store or to NAPA to get a part for someone who is broke down in sweat pants!!

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Bill said...

Most men are willing to put up with women that insist on overexposing themselves. We say "Shame", -----as we look!

8:42 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

My cell phone doesn't ring often, which is good since I don't have a ton of minutes. I agree there are those conversations best held in the privacy of your home, or, at the very least in the privacy of your (PARKED) car.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Mom Thumb said...

di - We went to Da Vinci's for a 'quiet' cup of coffee yesterday and got to listen to a woman call about four people on her cell. She wasn't quiet. But we did get to hear her tell her mom what she was getting for Mother's Day. Yippee!

bill - Are you giving away trade secrets here?

heather - Parked, yes! I can't count the number of times I've been walking around the neighborhood and nearly creamed by someone who is talking on their phone and not watching for pedestrians. Argh!

9:23 AM  
Blogger Harmonica Man said...

Bill still has a rotary phone with a cord in his basement. You're welcome to stop over and dial it any time!

So, what do you think your mom was saying about your high-school wardrobe?

8:01 AM  
Blogger Mom Thumb said...

jeff - My kids were dumbfounded when I told them that Ma Bell used to own all the phones and you had to give them back when you disconnected. And my mom was saying that my skirts were WAY too short!

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Bill said...

You caught me with my pants down!

7:38 PM  

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