Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Joy to the World

We were driving to Minnesota the weekend before Thanksgiving, and the Christmas songs were already all over the place. Some radio stations were playing ONLY Christmas music. Granted, there are a lot of holiday songs, but you get into the obscure when that's all you play.

I prefer the traditional(actually about Christmas) kinds of songs, like "The First Noel," and my personal favorite, "O Holy Night." Then there are the fun ones that you love to sing when you're a kid, "Rudolph" and "Jingle Bells." Of course, you have to throw in the songs that are only played during the holiday season, but don't ever allude to Christmas, songs such as "Let it Snow" and "Winter Wonderland." Seriously, you have to wonder what people are on when they build a snowman and expect him to walk into town to perform a wedding ceremony.

I like country music, have listened to it since I was a kid when my mother had control of the radio. But country music has turned out some of the sappiest Christmas songs ever. I won't mention names, you know who you are.

My children were thoroughly grossed out with the original version of Santa Baby, because, well, it's kinda kinky sounding. Not to mention that the singer asks for a '54 convertible, a sable (uncool), a yacht, a Rolex, checks (blank, I'm assuming), and a platinum mine, what is THAT about? Nothing like making Christmas totally materialistic.

My daughter and I love to sing this song, which used to drive my son crazy when he was stuck in the car listening to us.

"I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do. No crocodiles, no rhinoceroses, I only like hippopotamuses. And hippopotamuses like me too!"

Then there is the classic "All I Want for Christmas is You," which is perfect for belting out in the shower or the car, especially when you really can't sing but like to anyway. My kids liked this song, but then I showed them a picture of Vince Vance and scarred them for life.

The best non-traditional song ever, though, has to be "Snoopy's Christmas," by the Royal Guardsmen. The Red Baron forces Snoopy to land behind enemy lines, but then wishes him a Merry Christmas, and they share a holiday toast, which probably means some really good German beer. Or Rhine wine maybe. At any rate, something they should not drink if they are going to continue flying.

"Christmas bells, those Christmas bells, ringing through the land, bringing peace to all the world, and good will to man."



Blogger Harmonica Man said...

What's up with the "all Christmas music all the time" format after Thanksgiving? We've got 3 channels in this area that do that now. By the time Christmas rolls around I'm so sick of Christmas music I can't even put some on in the background while we open presents. Limits, that's all I'm saying. There's limits to everything.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Mom Thumb said...

h-man - I put on Mannheim Steamroller because they don't play too much of that on our local stations, so I'm usually not sick of it. You try not to be a grinch, but sometimes they make it so hard. . . .

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Dipookie said...

Linda, I agree with you completely!! I love Christmas music, but when we switched on BOB FM the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving, and they had all Christmas music, I decided enough is enough!!!Several days later we checked again, and still more Christmas music. I don't think we will ever listen to BOB again!!! Dipookie

5:41 PM  
Blogger Mom Thumb said...

di - BOB FM was the one that started it all for me, too! I couldn't believe they were ALL Christmas even before Thanksgiving!

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well I don't listen to the radio all that much here in the sticks. we don't get a large variety of stations but I drag out my old cassettes and newer cd's to play when we get past Thanksgiving. I, too, love Mannheim Steamroller and Chris Rice's Living Room Sessions. Not heard it? Worth looking into! We also still must play the Pointer Sisters singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town while we decorate our tree! Classic style all their on!
Then it is hard to beat Veggie Tales the French Peas singing "He is born the holy child.." and of course the Muppets Christmas with John Denver! We like a variety!
Country may be sappy but Sawyer Brown's It Wasn't His Child is pretty awesome!
Guess I'm nuts but I love so much of the Christmas music.
Sentimental ole' me!

8:11 PM  
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